It’s come to this

If I thought living in the suburbs and driving a minivan gave me opportunity to miss being even remotely cool, I got an even bigger one last night.  Last night, after grocery shopping after the kids bedtime, last night, oh I don’t know if I can bring myself to write it… Last night (wait for it…), last night:

I got snubbed by the grocery-cart-collection girl outside our grocery store last night. 

Yes, I am serious:  the woman-child collecting Jewel’s grocery carts from the parking lot gave me the brush off.  After unloading my groceries, she was collecting the ones in the cart corral (whatever those things are called), and I walked towards her to give her mine.  She literally gave me the cold shoulder as she walked right on by with her line of carts, and I could almost swear there was a defiant fling of the hair. Incredulous, I shouted out after her, asking, like a 6th grader asking the other kids if they’d reconsider letter her play dodgeball, if she wanted mine too. 

She said she didn’t, but I could put it in the holder. 


So, I’m trying to figure out if this was a work ethic thing (it was 9:45 at this point) or some snide action towards a nearing-middle age working mom who was still wearing the pants she spilled mocha on earlier that morning.  You make the call.

Here I was so impressed with myself that I managed to work all day AND get my daughter to her ice skating lesson, drop in at the library to register the kids for the summer reading program and take out some books, movies and CDs, pick up prescriptions at Walgreens, drop some bus form at the elementary school’s office, get camp forms filled out at pediatrician’s office and actually make dinner.  For a moment, I was feeling kinda cocky, like some kind of majorly cool, awe-inspiring Alpha Mom.

Thank goodness for the grocery-cart-collecting girls who can remind us of our place in the world.  As said Claudian, alas, the slippery nature of tender youth.



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