Any given Sunday

I’m just lost tonight. There’s no football on, and since it’s October that just doesn’t feel right.  There’s plenty to do around the house, between the kids, the mess on the kitchen island (and the dining room table for that matter!), the bills I could pay due around the 1st of the month and the seemingly endless work from work.

Instead I half-heartedly clear off a couple of things on the island and on and off dully watch the World Series (Cubbies, some day we’ll go all the way), but can’t really get in to it. My team isn’t there again, and neither is my husbands’. 

Truly, it’s SUNDAY NIGHT in the Fall!  Football should be on. That’s just a universal truth! Doesn’t the NFL know that people are counting on them? And NO, some game played oversees as some kind of “special” just isn’t a replacement. What am I expected to do… watch Desperate Housewives for crying out loud?

ARGH! How can I be expected to start the week fresh and motivated after this?! I suppose I should look at the silver lining — I’m not enduring the most painful, boring, uninspired half-time blather delivered by Bob Costas this week. The man is great at many things sportscaster-ish, but it turns out the SNF halftime show isn’t among them.

On any given Sunday, my emotional stability is in the NFL’s hands. This one just didn’t cut it for me.


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