All in a day’s work

Today, with a sigh and a sense of equal resignation and determination, I finally bit an oft-mocked social media bullet today and joined Second Life.  Yes, I now have a Second Life, even though I’m not sure I have time for my first life (Real Life or RL it seems to be called in SL).  Actually, I KNOW I don’t have time for my real life as my husband is standing in our office doorway and asking if my blogging means we’re not catching up on shows on DVR….

After several conferences, I wanted to confirm my suspicions about interesting corporate meeting opportunities. I used my “non-work related social media” exception at work, read the background and TOS, then downloaded the software, registered, picked a name (WHAT is UP w/having to choose from a pre-selected list of bizarro last names? SL people, you’re not going to have a lot of luck marketing to the rest of the world with that little quirk), picked an Avatar, declined a paid premium account until I can see what this is about… and voila. 

Unfortunately, I only technically have a Second Life. I watched the long, horizontal oval bar very slowly creep through, mentally pausing as it uploaded Avatar attributes — freckles? I don’t remember freckles on her… maybe I’ll be like Kate on “Lost.” In fact, the whole experience is surreal enough to seem as if I’m volunteering for some kind of other world experience. It is, after all, called Second Life and the info about it even talks about setting up islands.  Maybe this is a bad idea.  A lot of those people have ended up dead, and Hurley has already eaten all the peanut butter. This definitely is a bad idea.

But wait!  Here we goooo… woohoo!!! Huh?  Nothing. Well, one little note that our graphics chip is under the recommended minimum (this was my work laptop… I wouldn’t even know how to fix that) and then some verbiage about the connection not working and perhaps I’m not connected to the Internet. Since I was simultaneously on Twitter,, Summize and our corporate Intranet, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the case.

The irony of this was laughable… here I am “caving in” to trying this out (some guy named Anders who spoke at a conference I attended keeps emailing me about this and I remember he had a pretty cool accent) and now I can’t even get to it when I want to.

Maybe this isn’t meant to be… this is some kind of Second Life social media yoda message saying, “The force is with you young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.”  Some kind of mocking of my ever evolving 2.0 self, this constant striving for being up on the newest and latest when I wouldn’t know a SQL from a SSL server.  (Are those even correct?)

All of this led to an even more absurd moment, if that’s possible. To console myself, I grabbed a handful of m&m’s from a neighboring co-worker and proceeded to drop a brown one down the front of my black dress.  I very rarely wear dresses to work, but this is the cutest, most work-oriented Calvin Klein dress w/a tie belt that matches these awesome black slingbacks I have. Perfect if you’re not dropping m&m’s into it…

I spent about 4 minutes wiggling around peering down into the front of it, trying to hold it in a way the light could get in so I could find the dang thing, twisting my waist trying to get that m&m out of there w/o having to take the dress off. Finally the m&m pulled loose of wherever it was stuck and fell to the floor. If anyone was walking by and saw this little dancing scene (and since my office is across from the catwalk, I’m sure at least a few did), I can not imagine the emails about the crazy woman in the 4H wing. Between that and the probable email from Asset Protection that I was playing around on Second Life, I’m sure I provided a great deal of conversation fodder for my co-workers today.

All in a day’s work.



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