Twin 5 Year Olds’ Excellent Adventure

I asked my twin sons what they want for their birthday next week because all the well-meaning family and friends are asking. 

Let’s skip the part where you ask me how I couldn’t know already, I get a guilt trip, I start eating peanutbutter & chocolate chips and just cut to the chase:  The List.

I’m not making this up. I couldn’t make this up.  I wish I could keep a tape recorder next to them at all times — it’s like a comedy routine.  And so, The List:

Twin A:

  1. Barbies
  2. Writing pad
  3. Coloring things, painting stuff
  4. Car race track
  5. Pollys
  6. G-Force cup or animal cup

Twin B:

  1. Fake giant ice cream truck for our kitchen with real ice cream, Batman ice cream, Spiderman ice cream, Superman ice cream, Dora ice cream, and iCarly ice cream.
  2. Giant swimming pool for the backyard.
  3. A puncher arm you put on your arm and you can swing it out and punch people.
  4. (Something about a giraffe — I was laughing too hard and missed this)
  5. Batman Legos
  6. Legos
  7. Star Wars: Clone Wars — which he insisted was Crown Wars
  8. Nerf swords
  9. Frisbee

Yes, they’re fraternal twins.  How could you tell?


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