A Coward Goes to BlogHer

Long ago, what seems like eons ago, I registered for BlogHer. Too late to get a full conference pass, I had to settle for a Saturday only pass.  I remember swearing violently at my computer screen in a way that would convince you I actually had thought much about going before the 10 minutes I took to fill out the form.

I believe there was actual spittle involved in this episode.

So, when that weekend rolled around, I sheepishly admit I didn’t want to go.  Yes, I know this is sacrelig in the women’s blogging community and there will probably be some hater comments (Ha! as if anyone reads this!) but it’s true.  Why? My reasons read like a tag cloud: Dallas…Thursday… Friday… kids… PT… nanny….blah blah… avacado…

Biggest one: Cowardice. 

One of my Twitter friends who I’ve never met (but who seems cool enough, or at least not a crazy stalking murderer posing as a Twitter friend) compared my Saturday arrival to transferring to a new high school senior year.

CRAP!  Hadn’t even thought of that, but yes, arriving ALONE at BlogHer on Saturday might feel like that.  Though, if I worked this right, I could leave with awesome blonde, curly hair and super-tight leather black pants with to-die-for heels and maybe official Pink Lady status and  John Travolta as my boyfriend. 

Anyhoo, long story short (too late), I motivated and went.  To what might be a 30-something’s version of a slumber party, complete with Mary Kay ladies, food binges, laughter and even some crying.

The crying, well most of it was from the babies there, but I’m told a few women cried when they met Tim Gunn.  (I’m sorry, but I had to look up who Tim Gunn was on my blackberry when people were getting excited to see him.)

Was it worth it?  Maybe. I’m on the fence. I think I’d need to go for a full BlogHer to get the real feel for it.  Saturday-only definitely felt haphazard.

How’s that for a conference summary?!

Key takeaways: 

  • Most women blogging — seriously or for fun — are nice, smiley and interested in learning.
  • Keynote panels still don’t do it for me.
  • Food blogging is huge. I don’t care much about what I eat on any given day. Therein lies the gap.
  • If you want to be a humor columnist, start a blog and say you’re one. (Seriously, this was one piece of advice I heard.)  Ummm, ok.
  • The cookie bar at BlogHer gets an F (NO CHOCOLATE CHIP! I’M PRETTY SURE THAT’S A CRIME.)

So, if you feel like it, I’m open to reasons to try again next year on a full conference pass. Let’s hear ’em!


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  1. Sally Falkow replied:

    It was fun back when it started and there were only 100 of us there.Lucy’s cookies should have been there. Best chocolate chip cookies out there.

  2. lifeinbetween replied:

    Sally, if only I had been there early when chocolate chips made the cut. Though, this WAS so long ago that I was still using a Blackberry!

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