Yes, truth is stranger than fiction

Things that shouldn’t surprise me or make me laugh, but do:

  1. Bachelorette saying (again), “It breaks my heart.”  When clearly it doesn’t.
  2. Hearing there’s a rivalry between people who live in Dallas and Ft. Worth. Isn’t Ft. Worth there just to give the airport a more metropolitan feel?
  3. People who somehow think the photo of cattle next to their charity group’s name actually has anything to do with them (talk about a complex).
  4. Watching people (usually lawyers) time and again attempt to stick their finger in holes to hold back the rushing social media flood… and watching them think they’ll be able to do so.
  5. A 3 year old’s ability to stay up late when he’s exhausted.
  6. Amount of depressing news on the news
  7. Amount of uplifting news you can find online if you look even slightly
  8. The fact that some news media genuinely seem surprised that George Clooney and girlfriends don’t last.
  9. Red tape
  10. Nearing middle age women who somehow convince others they’re the right people to lead emerging communications strategy.  🙂

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