Being 2.0… in all my spare time

This all started with cocktail napkins.

My friend Anne and I both travel frequently for work. You live the surreal life when you’re a business traveler, and we started recording the inane, laughter-inducing moments on airline or airport restaurant cocktail napkins, which we’d send (old fashioned 0.0 mail!!) to each other as we did growing up as camp buddies.  Occassionally letters ran long and the barf bag got into the act as well.  More than once I caught people furtively peeking over, trying to read what I could possibly be furiously writing on a cocktail napkin. Usually it was about them.

It was almost never about work. Through all these cocktail napkin musings, I was working with various emerging technology product teams or researchers and helping communicate about a 2.0 world. I certainly see and hear about an amazing amount of cool things at work every day that are blog-worthy.

But, my most thought-provoking and unique moments (what blogger doesn’t say they work with emerging technologies these days?) are usually not about just work or just home. They’re generated by the absurdities of life in between, those moments transitioning from my work persona to wife and mom of three… what I call my night job. 

Since I have no spare time at all, why not start a blog about it? 

So, here goes. This first entry is all intro and no thought-provoking absurdities, but you’ll forgive a rookie, right? 



May 29, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. bradmays replied:

    Love the premise. Makes me want to read more. Looking forward to tracking it.

  2. JenKam replied:

    Great –can’t wait to read more!

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